Signage & POS

Signage & Point of Sale Range


Our contemporary range of precision engineered components for the display of signs, media and point of sale is designed with the versatility to provide simple but effective signs. These fully integrated systems create unique architectural signage and display items with an edge, designed to interface with a wide range of materials including toughened glass, acrylic, composites or timber.




Custom options available Whilst this range will hopefully satisfy most requirements as it offers a comprehensive range of styles, sizes and materials, but should variations or complete custom designs be required, we offer a speedy design and manufacturing service.

  • All the signage and display components are available individually with the signage panels being sourced separately – details on request.
  • Installation We can install all elements within our ranges - quotations will be supplied on request.


Download the brochure

Please download the brochure and then contact the design/ technical sales team for further details of how we can meet all your signage and point of sale needs.